J has less interest to play with the sticker books now (he used to love them very much). I did not want to throw them away because the picture quality is really nice.

So I decided to transform the stickers into magnets so he can play with them in another way.

The idea is VERY SIMPLE to make but takes VERY LONG TIME to make.

If the stickers are still on the sticker sheets then simply peel them off and stick them on a magnetic sheet. Then cut the sticker/magnet out.

If the stickers are already stuck on the paper or picture scenes then you have to do extra work by carefully cut out the stickers first. Then just follow the steps as stated above.

A lot of cutting but totally WORTH doing it because the magnets can be reused.

In the picture I drew a scene on the @ufixx_hk magnetic board. I set out my sticker-turn-into-magnets for J to play and create his little story.

Perfect activity for rainy days.

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